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Today and Tomorrow

So i have been recently just been able to only think about the up coming future of my becoming of age and moving out. All i want is to be able to depend on myself instead of my dad. ( who never keeps his promises) I have difficulty trusting my dad ever since he sent me away a year ago. I was in the 9th grade aand he always told me that my step mom wanted me gone. And dad said " dont worry baby-doll, i will never send you away." 
  But he did just that. 
And it was only suppose to be for 6 months and it ended up being 10. Not once did he ever come see me while i was down in Flordia. ( we live in South Carolina.) And i was definitly suppose to see him in July. It took me cutting myself severly for me to come back home. This wouldnt be as bad as it is, but for 8 years i didnt even know who my dad was. I had met him Sept of 2011. And i only lived with him for 4 months before he sent me away. So yeah, im still kinda hurt about it but im making it. I know I have to forgive him but it's kinda hard. :/

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Today and Tomorrow, posted November 23rd, 2012

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